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 RO Emoticons

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xItachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: RO Emoticons    Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:54 pm

Emote Commands Available only when you've reached a certain basic skill level:

/... = ". . ." appears on your head, as if you're silent.

/! = Exclamation point appears on your head

/? = Quizzical

/?? = A cute squirrel-like face looking from side to side

/an = A popping vein -- use it when killsteals are around!

/go = "Go!" appears on top of your head

/gg = An evil grin...

/heh = Laughing face. Funny!!!

/hmm = A thinking face

/ho or /delight = Humming

hp / = HELP appears on your head several times. You'll see this A LOT

/kis = Gives a kissing icon

/kis2 = Gives a kissing icon

/lv = A beating heart -- you're in love!

/lv2 = A heart that flashes shortly -- cool

/no = A winking face with an index finger up... or a thumbs up, I think...

/ok = A cute and nodding squirrel-like face

/omg = Has an angry sort of emoticon...

/sob = Crying face...

/swt = Sweatdrop

/swt2 = Lots of sweatdrops

/doridori = Your head shakes from side to side.

/bingbing = Your character revolves clockwise.

/bangbang = Your character revolves counter-clockwise.

ctrl + 3 = new emoticon

/wnajr or /bawi = Rock Fist

/qh or /bo = Paper

/rkdnlor /gawi = Scissors

/money or /$ = Money ($)

/anger or /ag = Angry (smoke cloud)

/fret or /an = Fret

/aha or /ic = Ah hah

a simple thank you can do ahohoh lol! lol! lol!
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Satan Morroc
Satan Morroc

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PostSubject: Re: RO Emoticons    Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:23 pm

Change the color of the fonts pls...too bright hurts my eyes

and FYI, everybody already knows this
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RO Emoticons
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